If I could eat this book, I would. It’s that good.


One of the reasons I decided to share my experience with chocolate decorating, is because it’s rather hard to find information specifically on the creative side of working with chocolate. I’m a self taught home chef (and still learning, not an expert!). Everything I’ve learned up to date has been from books, videos and my own experimentation. Information on making chocolate confections and desserts is plentiful. Unfortunately, when it comes to decorating this is just not the case. I was very excited to find this book!

“Chocolate Decorations” by Jean-Pierre Wybauw is filled with beautiful photography of chocolate embellishments that will leave you awe- inspired and ready to create. The book includes creative techniques on decorating molds ( love the chocolate egg painting techniques), and some fun ideas with freezing chocolate on spherical shapes, as well as chocolate flowers, cut-outs and how to assemble a chocolate showpiece . Jean-Pierre does not cover chocolate transfer sheets, but maybe that’s because they were not as popular when the book was written (2007). However, you can check out my DVD for that ;).

The directions might be a little vague for the beginner. This book was indeed created with the professional chocolatier, pastry chef or at least pastry student with some knowledge of chocolate in mind. However, you can definitely get a handle on the techniques if you have some decorating experience, just by studying the photos. You need to know how to temper chocolate, or learn, or have a tempering machine. If you don’t know how to temper, his explanation won’t make too much sense. You can also try the techniques with confectionary coating (which does not need to be tempered).

If you’re serious about learning how to decorate with chocolate, I know you’ll enjoy this book immensely.

NOTE: Chocolatier Ewald Notter  also has a chocolate decorating book “The Art of the Chocolatier: From Classic Confections to Sensational Showpieces” . See video on previous post.

Have you discovered any chocolate decorating books that you love?  would love to hear, post comment below.

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