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Chocolate Bow Decoration

Chocolate bow decoration with cherry blossom transfer sheet

Making chocolate bows with transfer sheets is top-notch for cake decorating, gift giving, and is so spectacular for just about any occasion. Nothing says festive like a chocolate birthday or Christmas bow atop a colorful cake or decadent chocolate box .

You can do oodles of snazzy variations of bows, I always get new ideas while making them. Making a chocolate bow decoration looks difficult, but they are actually quite easy. Get ideas from looking at real bows, or books on bow-making .

PARTY IDEA: pick up a store-bought cake, and fling on a huge chocolate bow, that’s what I do. People freak out.

Cake Decorations - Chocolate Bows

Cake Decorations – Chocolate Bows


  •  Just by modifying the length, width and size of the loops, and how you place them together will give you different looks
  •   Combining two or more complimentary chocolate transfer sheet designs will make them even more awesome
  •   Insert chocolate leaves, snowflakes, curls, shards, and other chocolate decorations or candy in-between the loops, to make them extra fancy
  •   We’re using chocolate transfer sheets, but you can make a plain bow with acetate, wax or parchment paper

Here is a tutorial from last year on making bows with Nicole from ChocoTransferSheets.com, for “Rockin’ Chocolate”, a fun holiday Youtube series we produced.

How to Make a Rockin’ Chocolate Bow

I don’t know why more people don’t make and sell fancy choco bows in chocolate shops, they would fly off the shelf! maybe YOU should. Heck, I might even buy one from you.

If you would like to learn more about working with chocolate transfer sheets, check out my DVD/download. Chocolate Decorating with Transfer Sheets.

What do you think of these lavish chocolate bows?

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