Yay, Summer.
Time for a romp in the chocolate garden.

Chocolate decoration - daisy

Chocolate decoration – daisy

Chocolate flowers are one of my favorite decorations to create. They are stunning as cake decorations, exquisite as table centerpieces to swank up your dinner party, are lovely boxed and given as gifts, or as fancy embellishments for a dessert buffet table.

I first learned how to make chocolate flowers with modeling chocolate, which is a flexible chocolate clay made with a chocolate and corn syrup mixture. During that time, I must have made dozens of roses and put them on just about everything.

Finally, I graduated to making lotus flowers, daisies, and experimented with various techniques, petal shapes, sizes and arrangements. What I love most are whimsical fantasy flowers, the kind that exist in your imagination. With this approach, you can let your creativity soar.

Chocolate decoration - lotus flower

Chocolate decoration – lotus flower

Master chocolatier Ewald Notter has a nifty tutorial on making a chocolate flower.  This is very similar to how I make my Lotus flowers, except I place the petals on a curved surface to harden. Also, I paint the petals on acetate sheets instead of using a knife.


  • You need to work with tempered chocolate, or use candy melts/confectionary coating (which does not need to be tempered)
  • If you don’t know what it means to temper chocolate find out
  • Since most home chefs don’t have cold spray, (although it’s great to have around if you start decorating a lot). Just hold the petals in place for several seconds to harden, but easy does it, these chocolate delicacies are fragile
  •  Warm hands beware! your petals will melt in a jiffy if you handle too much
  • Accent with edible luster dust. Unless you have a fancy  machine for a cocoa butter blast .

Ewald has a nifty chocolate decorating book, “The Art of the Chocolatier” (also “The Art of the Confectioner”) links below for more information if you want to check them out.  There seems to be some drama surrounding his pastry school at the time of this post, but whatever … he makes a mean chocolate flower.

I hope this inspires you to add a little chocolate flora to your arsenal of decorating techniques.

The most beautiful flowers grow in the imagination, and bloom in the chocolate garden.

Look for my new online chocolate video tutorial series with chocolate artist Robin Robins in 2014, our first video course is on making chocolate flowers! Subscribe to my blog so I can keep you posted. (look for the chocolate lotus flower on right)

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Peace, Love, Chocolate.


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