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Marble is the ideal surface to make chocolate decorations because it stays a cool even temperature.  You can find small ready made marble cutting boards at kitchen supply stores or on I had a large piece custom cut from a tile company, I’ll talk more about that on another post.

Elegant chocolate decorations created on marble

Although marble is the preferred surface for all around chocolate work, there are also specific decorations you can make by pouring chocolate right on the surface and scraping with a pallet knife, such as ruffles, curls, cigarettes, flowers and flourishes etc., but they do take some practice. You need to work quickly because the chocolate will cool very fast. It’s all about timing here.  Once the chocolate hits the marble and becomes dry to the touch, you need to work like a bat outta hell.

Here is a video showing some of the awesome chocolate decorations you can create on a marble slab, from Grand Place Chocolate. This guy is amazing, sit back and be prepared to be mesmerized.


  •  Home chefs, start with a solid color first until you get the timing right, chocolate needs to be just set
  • Get a pallet knife that has some flexibility to it, not too stiff
  • The other tool is a decorating comb (find them in cake decorating supply shops)
  • Once the chocolate is ready, don’t dilly-dally, work fast to create lots of decorations in a small window of time

You don’t always have to use marble for making other types of chocolate decorations, although your decorating experiences will be much more luxurious.

Do you have any tips on making marble decorations  ? please share!

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