This chocolate decorating magic trick

will astonish your party guests.

Chocolate box and bow with transfer sheets

Chocolate box and bow with transfer sheets

A chocolate transfer sheet is a clear acetate sheet with a fancy design printed with cocoa butter. Pour melted (tempered) chocolate on the sheet, refrigerate for several minutes, peel, and shazam! (insert applause here). The design is printed right on to your chocolate, just like magic.

Chocolate transfers are like cool tattoos for confections.

Chocolate Transfer Sheets by

Chocolate Transfer Sheets by

You simply won’t believe your eyes.

Chocolate transfer sheets are chic enhancements when applied to your favorite sweet treat, as dessert embellishments, and so much more. Including chocolate bows, flowers, and dessert cups.

Use them for cake decorating, cupcakes and molded confections.  

If you’ve spent any amount of time with me, you know how much I LOVE using chocolate transfer sheets. In fact I have an entire DVD devoted to the many uses of these modern marvels; “Chocolate Decorating with Transfer Sheets”. Transfer sheets are a nifty way to add color to your chocolate project in a snap.

No artistic talent needed, and they are SO easy to use.

Take a look:

I know! put your eyeballs back in their sockets now, and read on.

•    Mix and match colors and designs depending on the occasion and theme.
•    You can also have custom art work printed on transfer sheets such as a business logo or illustration.
•    Use tempered chocolate or confectionary coating.
•    Make sure to refrigerate for at least 20 minutes before removing the sheet.

I’ll tell ya what, these are chocolate decorating must-haves.

Chocolate transfer sheet with custom logo

Chocolate transfer sheet with custom logo

INSIDERS NOTE: Look for my sassy collection of chocolate transfer sheets featuring my original illustrations coming in 2014! Yippee!

Your confections deserve to be gussied up,
treat ’em right with a stylish chocolate transfer sheet.

Chocolate transfer sheets by

If you would like to learn easy and fun chocolate decorating techniques
using transfer sheets, check out my instructional DVD

Chocolate Decorating with Transfer Sheets DVD

Chocolate Decorating with Transfer Sheets DVD/download 
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