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Magnetic candy mold with chocolate transfer sheets

Magnetic candy mold with chocolate transfer sheets

On my last post, I talked about the use of chocolate transfer sheets for decorating cakes and making spectacular chocolate decorations. Another way to apply them, is to chocolate confections using a magnetic mold.

Magnetic molds are professional grade, Polycarbonate, 2-part molds, held together with magnets for the purpose of inserting and keeping a chocolate transfer sheet in place.

Magnetic Candy Mold

Magnetic Candy Mold

Polycarbonate type molds are ideal for making chocolates with soft centers, they have deep cavities so you can easily add fillings such as ganache, marzipan, or whatever you fancy. These molds come in both magnetic and a non-magnetic option (for use with or without a transfer sheet).

Although professional grade molds are more expensive, they are ideal for making molded confections. Here are a few reasons why:

•    They have more cavities so you can create more confections at one time.
•    The mold cavities are deeper, making them perfect for adding fillings.
•    You can easily incorporate chocolate transfer sheets, if using the magnetic option.
•    They have better design cuts, and your confections with look much nicer and more detailed.
•    They are much more durable than the plastic hobby type candy mold, and will last forever.

Magnetic Candy Mold

Magnetic Candy Mold with Chocolate Transfer Sheet

How to use a magnetic mold with a chocolate transfer sheet

(elegantly demonstrated by Kurt Knobel from, from DVD Chocolate Decorating with Transfer Sheets)

  1. Cut a transfer sheet sized to fit in mold
  2. Place the chocolate transfer sheet in the mold and attach the lid, make sure the transfer is textured side up
  3. Fill the first layer of chocolate to create the outer shell (note: chocolate must be tempered first)
  4. Let set for several minutes and add your filling
  5. Seal the shell by adding a layer of chocolate on top
  6. Refrigerate
  7. Remove the lid
  8. Pop out the chocolates


If you have never made confections using a mold, I would start by trying solid chocolates first without any fillings. This is not a tutorial on making confections, but rather how to use a magnetic mold. You’ll want to follow complete instructions on how to make chocolates with fillings.

You can find both magnetic molds and chocolate transfer sheets at
Visit the chocolate resources page to find more tools and supplies!

Chocolate Decorating with Transfer Sheets DVD


Chocolate Decorating with Transfer Sheets DVD/download 
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