Chocolate Leaves

Chocolate Leaves

Swank up your desserts with this simple and smart chocolate decorating technique.

One of my favorite ways to garnish an Autumn dessert is with chocolate leaves. This is such an easy technique that always looks festive, and is perfect for the holidays. Kids also love this project, I have taught it in several of my kids chocolate classes, and it’s always a crowd pleaser.

Make beautiful chocolate table centerpieces or cake toppers using leaf decorations. 

In example below, leaves are assembled together and colored to create a gorgeous chocolate poinsettia, by Robin Art Chocolate .

Chocolate poinsettia made using real leaves as molds, by Robin Art Chocolate

Chocolate poinsettia made using real leaves as molds
by Robin Art Chocolate

More on Robin Art Chocolate coming soon, we will be producing several chocolate video tutorials together next year. Our new website (still in progress), is at Be sure to subscribe to my blog and I’ll keep you posted. I’m so excited about collaborating, she is an exceptional chocolate artist and chocolatier!

Scatter chocolate leaves in with cookies or confections to embellish a dessert tray.

Sprinkle on some gold luster dust for an added sparkle. Leaves also look beautiful on chocolate boxes.

Chocolate leaves on a white chocolate figure centerpiece

Chocolate leaves with gold luster dust on one of my white chocolate figure table centerpieces

One leaf technique is to use a real leaf as a mold to make a chocolate leaf. You’ll be amazed at how realistic the leaves come out, and how detailed they are! See video below for tutorial, and here are a few tips when making chocolate leaves:



  • Use citrus leaves, I think lemon work best. They’re sturdy and have nice details that will transfer to your chocolate leaves. I have also seen this done with rose leaves.
  • Some leaves are toxic, so don’t just use any old leaf, unless your goal is to poison your dinner guests.
  • Chocolate needs to be tempered, or use confectionary coating.
  • Make sure leaf is well covered with chocolate, they tend to split down the middle and break if layer is too thin.
  • Remove melted chocolate from the edges of the leaf, or the chocolate will be hard to remove from the leaf.

Chocolate + Leaves = Elegance Personified


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