A while back I posted a modeling chocolate rose tutorial, and discussed the many uses of working with modeling chocolate for cake decorating, as a substitute for icky fondant, and how I use it for embellishing my chocolate figures, and other chocolate projects. See full post here.

Chocolate Geisha

My chocolate figures, partially decorated with modeling chocolate

Fondant be Gone!
Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate Reigns Supreme

Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate

Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate

Recently, I took a Craftsy.com course “Intro to Modeling Chocolate” with Lauren Kitchens

Although I have quite a bit of experience working with modeling chocolate/clay. I wanted to see if I could add anything to my bag of chocolate tricks. Turns out, I did pick up a few new tips, and really enjoyed the course.

The actual project featured is making a cityscape cake, inspired by Lauren’s trip to Chicago. This is a pretty big project for a beginner to attempt, however, there are so many techniques covered, you can pick and choose your favorites, and apply them to any project. I didn’t make the cake, but I got a lot of decorating ideas.

Several techniques are covered, and explained in detail

For example on Lesson 5, “Lake Michigan”, the back filling and wrapping technique on a single layer cake, with a textured piece of modeling chocolate would be something easy and fun to start with.  Throw some fruit on top and you have a beautiful party cake that would wow just about anyone.


Lauren does a nice job discussing the design process, such as sketching your ideas, estimating cake measurements and considering focal points for your project. She covers how to make and work with modeling chocolate, and what nuances to expect along the way.  Some people have trouble getting the mixture just right, but once you get it down, it’s really easy to use, and the skies the limit.

You can watch the course as many times as you like, and your video access never expires which is nice. What really surprised me was the course length, which was over 2 hours! Lot’s of info to watch and learn.

Extra printed materials are included such as recipes, templates and written instructions

There is also a forum to connect with other students taking the course. While the video is playing, a streaming Q and A rolls down the side of the window. Which is a nice feature indeed. The video quality and presentation are top notch, ultra polished quality, HD and very slick.

Student project by Robert Hanson

Student project by Robert Hanson

I also sauntered through the student project gallery and found this wonderful cake from a student who took the class. This is a great example of what you can do with modeling chocolate, and a lovely cake idea for Fall and Winter. The only thing I would have added is a little gold luster dust to make it shimmer. This is not a project from the class, but rather what the student was inspired to make after the class. It looks like he used cookie cutters and molds for the decorations.

“I’ve read books, tutorials, and watched lots of videos on how to prepare and work with modeling chocolate. None come close to Lauren’s method of teaching! I have attempted modeling chocolate several times only to fail miserably. After taking Lauren’s course, not only was I able to make a successful batch, I also was able to create some pretty cool figures.” – dcaballero via Craftsy.com

Student project by Robert Hanson

Student project by Robert Hanson

“Add modeling chocolate to your cake decorating bag of tricks! In Intro to Modeling Chocolate: Cityscape Cakes, cake artist Lauren Kitchens shows you how to create textured, colorful cake embellishments from this easy and versatile medium. Lauren takes the city of Chicago as her inspiration, crafting Windy City landmarks from the Sears Tower to Lake Michigan. You’ll learn how to add color and textural accents and assemble a spectacular cake that reflects the city you call home — or any favorite place! Lauren also shares with you step-by-step instructions for assembling and transporting your cake”. -Lauren Kitchens

I think you’ll get a lot of ideas from this class, even if you don’t do the entire cityscape cake project, you’ll learn some fun tips and tricks for decorating cakes, cookies, and chocolate decorations.  Leave a comment below if you take the course, I would love to hear what you think!

Online Cake Decorating Class

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