Flaunt your Chocolate.

Dried pineapple, chocolate snow flake cut-outs and decorations

Dried pineapple, chocolate snow flake cut-outs and decorations

The holidays are a great time to flaunt your chocolate decorating skills. When I started learning how to decorate with chocolate, I always took advantage of this time of year to strut my latest decorating achievements. And I still do when the mood strikes me.

Chocolate Pipped Squiggle decorations with snowflake cut-out and dried fruit

Chocolate pipped squiggle decorations with snowflake cut-outs, and dried fruit accents

One of my favorite holiday ideas is making an assorted chocolate decorations and confections platter, with loads of eye-popping treats. You can really get creative here, and try out many decorating techniques, such as piped “squiggles” and flourishes, cut-outs using your favorite holiday cookie cutters,¬† chocolate dipped dried fruit (great for color), chocolate bark, mendiants, and all kinds of fancy confections.

I’ve included a few video tutorials with ideas for some inspiration!

Tutorial: Rockin’ Chocolate Mendiants¬†

Tutorial: Rockin’ Chocolate Bark

Here are a few tips:

1. To make your chocolate masterpiece a colorful display, mix in chocolate dipped dried fruit. I love to use mango, dragon fruit, banana, pineapple, persimmons, etc . You can also dip freeze dried strawberries for added color. Only dip half of the fruit and leave half of the fruit exposed. You can find a great selection of dried fruit and delicious things to dip at Bella Viva Orchards. Also at Trader Joes. 

2. Find some festive chocolate transfer sheets to embellish, you can make something as simple as chocolate shards, or dipped confections, cookies, or add transfers to dried fruit.

3. Don’t forget about white chocolate accents such as snowflakes or spikes

4. Drop in some chocolate leaves, and make them shimmer with gold/silver luster dust, yay!

5. Mix in store-bought items (cookies,confections,candy), if you feel you can’t fill up the entire platter

6. Add a chocolate bow, chocolate flower, or large pretty decoration in the center. A chocolate box dressed up like a Christmas present would be sassy

8. Make sure to temper your chocolate , or things could get hairy

7. Arrange all of your chocolate goodies in a fashionable manner, then watch them disappear quickly and joyfully


Get creative, have fun,
and be a chocolate rock star at your next soiree

Chocolate Banana Ribbon with Transfer Sheets

Chocolate Banana Ribbon with Transfer Sheets

Tutorial: Chocolate Dipping Confections with Transfer Sheets

Happy Holidays my Sweet Friends !

Until next time,

Peace, Love, Chocolate,

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