Chocolate decorating just got a wee bit more exciting.

Chocolate decorations with cocoa butter

Chocolate decorations airbrushed and splattered with colored cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is the edible vegetable fat extracted from the cocoa bean, and is used to make chocolate.  Cocoa butter is what gives chocolate its smooth fluid consistency, and what makes it so luxurious.

I’ve been exploring the world of chocolate decorating for several years now, and it’s so exciting to discover new techniques that can really inspire your creativity to the next level.

Colored cocoa butter

Colored cocoa butter in the making

Colored cocoa butter is like edible paint

In the past I’ve dabbled a little with using colored cocoa butter for painting the faces on my chocolate figures.  However, recently Nicole and Kurt from asked me to film a video tutorial, introducing their new line of colored cocoa butter; “Chocobutter”. While filming, I was thrilled to discover many newfangled techniques (new to me anyway), and easy fun ways to further embellish chocolate. Up until now, I have tinted white chocolate to colorize for decorating, but using colored cocoa butter is so much easier, and really adds a beautiful shine to your piece.

Chocolate flower and leaves embellished with colored cocoa butter

Chocolate flower and leaves embellished with colored cocoa butter by Robin Art Chocolate

Here are just a few ways you can apply colored cocoa butter:

  • Use it to decorate molds for added color
  • Paint or pipe on chocolate decorations
  • Use it with chocolate transfer sheets
  • Airbrush with cocoa butter for beautiful effects on chocolate pieces

Watch Nicole Knobel from, and Robin Robins from Robin Art Chocolate demonstrate several colored cocoa butter techniques on video below. I think these ladies are the bee’s knees.


Robin from Robin Art Chocolate embellishing a chocolate centerpiece

“Using colored cocoa butter is one of the easiest ways to add a splash of color to your chocolates. It can be sprayed, painted on, splattered, mixed, etc. to add brilliant color and shine to any piece. Our ChocoButter is pre tempered and only requires small increments of time in the microwave, or warm water bath, to become the perfect temperature to create a masterpiece”. –

You can purchase colored cocoa butter at


Nicole, Robin and I will be bringing you many more chocolate tutorials and decorating with cocoa butter in 2014. Be sure to subscribe to my blog (on the right, look for the chocolate lotus flower) so I can keep you posted!


Nicole from and Robin from Robin Art Chocolate

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