Even chocolate likes to dress up from time to time.

chocolate candy cane transfer sheets from chocotransfersheets.com

White and dark chocolate peppermint bark with chocolate candy cane transfer sheets
by chocotransfersheets.com

Using chocolate transfer sheets makes just about any chocolate decorating project more fun. From dipping cookies, covering cakes, making chocolate bows, making chocolate bark, and embellishing confectionsAdding a chocolate transfer sheet is an easy and quick way to add color and design to your edible masterpiece.

The quick and easy way to add color and design

Transfer sheets are acetate paper embossed with edible ink. Simply pour melted chocolate on the transfer sheet, let harden, and peel off the sheet. The motif is beautifully transferred right on to the chocolate. Design themes are available in every color for any occasion. Mix and match styles and colors for maximum effect.

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My holiday favorites from Chocotransfersheets.com

Holiday chocolate transfer sheets

Holiday chocolate transfer sheets

Chocolate peppermint bark

To make the white and dark chocolate peppermint bark shown above

  1. Spread a thin layer of dark chocolate on transfer sheet, let harden slightly
  2. In a bowl of white chocolate add crushed candy canes, then spread your white chocolate candy cane mixture on the dark chocolate layer
  3. Let harden for 15 minutes in the refrigerator
  4. Peel off transfer sheet
  5. Break apart and enjoy!

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FYI- look for the new collection of chocolate transfer sheet designs featuring my original art, coming in 2014!

You can purchase chocolate transfer sheets here.

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