Make your Chocolate a Sexy Rainbow.

There’s no denying the natural color of chocolate is beautiful on its own, but in many cases adding contrasting colors to your pieces will make them even more intriguing.  There are several ways to do this including tinting white chocolate, using colored cocoa butter, applying a chocolate transfer sheet, or brushing on a little luster dust for an elegant shimmer.

#1. Tasteful Tinting With White Chocolate

Chocolate Tulip

Dark and White Chocolate Tulip

Using white chocolate to accent for contrast is an elegant option. Or for tinting a batch of chocolate you’ll need to use white chocolate, with addition of a fat dispersable color of your choice.  Just add the color in small amounts until the desired hue is achieved. You can find fat dispersable tint at  My favorite white chocolate is Icoa White by Chocolates El Rey.

Tinting white chocolate red

Tinting white chocolate red

#2. Beautify with Colored Cocoa Butter

Chocolate flower with cocoa butter by Robin Art Chocolate

Chocolate flower with cocoa butter by Robin Art Chocolate

I’ve only just discovered the many uses of colored cocoa butter, see my previous post adding pizzazz with colored cocoa butter which includes a nifty tutorial that will knock your chocolate socks off.  It comes in convenient bottles in many colors for an easy carefree application. I’m really excited to experiment more with cocoa butter, and I hope to share more techniques as I learn them in the future.

Colored Cocoa Butter

Colored Cocoa Butter

Using colored cocoa butter is one of the easiest ways to add a splash of color to your chocolates. It can be sprayed, painted on, splattered, mixed, etc. to add brilliant color and shine to any piece.

Chocolate decorations with cocoa butter

Chocolate decorations with colored cocoa butter

#3. Enhance with a Stylish Chocolate Transfer Sheet


Chocolate cube with transfer sheets

Chocolate Transfer Sheets are also an impressive way to add color and design. See my previous post on how to use chocolate transfers. Keep in mind most reds and darker transfer designs will be very subtle on dark chocolate. For the color to really pop,  you’ll want to use the reds and darker shades on white chocolate. Use lighter/brighter and pastels on dark chocolate. However, some reds are bright and look good on dark chocolate, it depends on the dye.

Chocolate transfer sheet

Chocolate transfer sheet

#4. Make it Glisten with Luster Dust

My chocolate fan embellished with luster dust

My chocolate fan embellished with gold luster dust

Adding a sexy sparkle with luster dust is one of the quickest ways to add subtle color to chocolate. It can be used on its own, or in conjunction with any of the above techniques. Luster dust is a metallic powder used mostly for cake decorating, it can be brushed or sprinkled on chocolate. It comes in many glorious shades. My favorite is “super gold”. Once you try it you’ll want to use it on all your pieces, and just about everything else for that matter!

Lust dust

Luster dust

Luster dust looks beautiful on decorations like chocolate flowers and leaves, and really brings out the details on piped chocolate decorations and carved (relief) designs. You can also use Disco Dust, which is more like glitter, and with a name like that, what’s not to love? You can pick up luster dust at cake decorating shops, and online at places like

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