Take your desserts to a new level of posh.

Chocolate Dessert Cup

Chocolate Dessert Cup

Then eat the dishes.

No dinner party says swank, quite like a chocolate dessert cup. Fill with mousse, treats, sorbet, or anything else you can find. I love this idea for a romantic dessert for 2 ( or 1, or 3).


Spiff up your chocolate dessert cup with a transfer sheet

You don’t have to use chocolate transfer sheets, but your chocolate cups will look so much prettier! Just use a plain acetate sheet if you don’t have a transfer .

Chocolate transfer sheets by chocotransfersheets.com

Sweet little mini cups and chocolate transfer sheets by chocotransfersheets.com

Here are some festive chocolate transfer sheets perfect for Valentine’s Day,
available at chocotransfersheets.com

Chocolate transfer sheets available at chocotransfers.com

How To Make a Chocolate Cup

Demonstrated by Ann Rearden from “How to Cook That”. Here is a nifty tutorial for making a dainty chocolate cup, I like this because it shows a good example complete with saucer and cup handle. I have never made a saucer for a chocolate cup this way, but this idea is very stylish, and simple!

A combination of using chocolate transfer sheets for the cup, complete with saucer and handle would be the bee’s knees, OMG!

Chocolate dessert cup using a balloon as a mold


You can also make a rounded cup by using a mold that is a dome shape, for example, a small plastic bowl, balloon, or a half sphere mold.

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