A kiss on the lips may be quite sentimental…


but chocolate is a girl’s best friend.

On Valentine’s Day, plain and simple… chocolate reigns supreme.  This makes it the perfect time to make fancy chocolate decorations and confections. For example,  elegant chocolate dessert cups  for a lovely after dinner treat filled with chocolate mousse , a romantic mini cake for two with a festive chocolate bow, a handmade chocolate box stuffed with truffles, or some luscious chocolate dipped fruit, perhaps a pot of chocolate fondue as a sexy side dish. The ideas are limited only by your imagination…


Here are some festive ideas to ignite your chocolate decorating skills to impress the ones you love. Or even better, make for yourself and you don’t have to share. After all, you love yourself too don’t you?


Chocolate Boxes by Robin Robins – Look for our online tutorials coming soon! Subscribe to my blog for updates!


Chocolate Hearts on Fire mold available from
Mexican Sugar Skull.com

Valentine’s Day inspired Chocolate Transfer Sheets

Chocolate transfer sheets available at chocotransfers.com

Chocolate transfer sheets available at chocotransfers.com




How-to enhance chocolate with color



Many sugar hugs and chocolate kisses to you on Valentine’s Day 🙂

Until next time,

Peace, Love, Chocolate,

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