Jasmine is the flower that comes to mind when I think of Hasty.
Delicate and powerful; exactly her”– Jacques Torres

“Jacques is the ultimate romantic charmer, I’m a very lucky girl!” – Hasty Torres

Chocolatiers Jacques and Hasty Torres

Chocolatiers Jacques and Hasty Torres tied the knot in 2007
Photo credit: Joseph Moretti

What happens when a Mr. Chocolate meets his Madame?
read on and find out.

I’m so excited to bring you this post for Valentine’s Day, featuring two of my favorite chocolate lovebirds,  Mr. Chocolate and Madame Chocolat. AKA Hasty and Jacques Torres.  Although these two have both inspired me in many ways when it comes to chocolate, I thought it would be fun to write about the sweetness of their partnership. They’re just so dang cute! I’m delighted they have agreed to take the time to answer a few questions on this lovely holiday.

Meet Madame and Mr.

Just a little background on these two, in case you live in a cave.
Hasty Torres is the owner and chocolatier of Madame Chocolat, located in Los Angeles, CA. She caters to the rich and famous. I  love Hasty’s chic, fashionable approach to chocolate. Plus, she’s heavy into glitter and shoes like me.  She’s like a beautiful little chocolate fairy.
"Madame Chocolat" Hasty Torres

“Madame Chocolat” Hasty Torres

Jacques Torres  AKA Mr. Chocolate is owner and chocolatier of Jacques Torres Chocolate in New York (with five shops and two more in the works!),  and pastry chef extraordinaire. You’ve probably seem him in and around the chocolate hood… whipping up some fabulous dessert. See a full list of his impressive culinary accomplishments on his website, as they are too many to mention on this post.
"Mr. Chocolate", Jacques Torres

“Mr. Chocolate” Jacques Torres

In a nutshell, Hasty and Jacques are like chocolate rock stars.

Now, let’s see if we can gain some insight on what it takes for a modern relationship to bloom and flourish, in the garden of chocolate.

Question to Mr.

There’s no denying Hasty’s spellbinding beauty and sparkling personality, and with a title like “Madame Chocolat”, I can only imagine she must have left you in a chocolate trance after your first encounter, was it love at first sight for you? also, she looks like she would smell really great, like Jasmine or Lavender flowers, am I right about this?
  • I always found Hasty beautiful, but my deep love for her came after a short time of working together.  She’s my prodigy! Jasmine is the flower that comes to mind when I think of Hasty. Delicate and powerful; exactly her.

Question to Madame:

Not only is Jacques a chocolate magician, but his dapper, sexy good looks and obvious charm are enough to make any woman swoon. To top it off, he’s French, and he looks like a good dancer according to your video. What was your first romantic rendezvous like? and what did he finally have to do, to make you his Mrs.? (probably not much)
  • OH let me tell you that I’m a very lucky girl!  Jacques is the ultimate romantic charmer and he did sweep me off my feet on our first date at a French candle lit restaurant (of course).  We met because of our passion for chocolate and keeping this as an important part of our relationship, he proposed in my chocolate factory surrounded with tons of chocolate….like I said, I’m a very lucky girl! 

What would you both consider to be the most decadent Valentine’s Day Dessert?

  • Jacques:  A dessert is not decadent enough by itself. But mixing romance between bites make it the perfect Valentine dessert.  For this, I love to have a flourless chocolate cake with Venezuela origin dark chocolate.  Its rich, smooth, silky and sexy.
  • Hasty:  I think the most decadent Valentine’s Day dessert  is the most simple…a delicious piece of chocolate or a bite of creamy ice cream or a mouthful of your favorite cake.  It doesn’t have to be a complicated dessert, it has to be something you consider “sinful” to eat.  That’s really what makes it fun and decadent.
Lovely Valentine's Day offerings from Jacques Torres Chocolate

Lovely Valentine’s Day offerings from Jacques Torres Chocolate

What do you consider the secret to a perfect and lasting marriage? is it to never see each other? I mean, it seems Hasty spends a lot of time in LA and Jacques in New York….

  • We have a bi-coastal marriage and its true that distance makes the heart grow fonder.  The real secret is that since our time is limited together we really make it extra special.  We don’t bicker on the small things and we enjoy being with each other and in each others company.  We are spending more time together in New York now as we are trying to start a family, and our motto is “Practice makes perfect!”  hopefully we will have some good news this year!

Besides giving your sweetheart a box of bon bons, might you have any other chocolate themed suggestions for a sexy Valentine’s Day?

  • Jacques:  I have a chocolate sauce called “Body Butter” that is spreadable and lickable (its mutually beneficial)!  Also, I make a giant chocolate lollipop called “The Spanker” , I will let your imagination do the rest.
  • Hasty:  what he said….but don’t forget the champagne and whip cream!
Mr. Chocolate and Madame Chocolat, I love you, merci beaucoup for your words of wisdom on this St. Valentine’s Day. I wish all the very best for a “perfect” 2014.

Well folks… I don’t know what your plans are for Valentine’s Day, but I think I’ll head on over to Jacques’ for a Lollipop Spanker so I can chocolate smack myself around, Yippee!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Until next time…
Peace, Love, Chocolate,

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