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Anytime, is the right time … for a chocolate covered Spring fling.


Chocolate Bow made with Cherry Blossom and Chalk Lines Chocolate Transfer Sheets

I love this time of year, when I can feel Spring is right around the corner.  I always look forward to the bursting of cherry blossoms, a sure sign that Winter is on its way out. The beautiful blossoms come and go so fast, in fact, in my neighborhood they have almost all but fluttered away, and things are starting to look mighty green.

 Spring favorites picked fresh,  just for you!

Wanted to share a few of my favorite Spring chocolate transfer sheets you might want to consider, for your next chocolate decorating project. All are available at Chocotransfersheets.com.


Chocolate Transfer Sheets: Cherry Blossom, Chalk Lines, Sage leaf

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Spring inspired Chocolate Transfer Sheets: Tulips, Vintage Flower (fuchsia,rose & lime), Painted Eggs

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