Botanical Beauty, Chocolate Style!


March is botanical beauty month on the blog, chocolate style! what can I say, I simply love flowers, especially when they’re chocolate flowers. Don’t you?

On my previous posts, I shared some lovely chocolate flowers you can create with modeling chocolate, such as orchids, calla lilies, cherry blossoms and roses. I also showed some magical examples of chocolate lotus flowers, sunflowers and fantasy flowers. On this last flower post, (yes, as much as I love chocolate flowers, it’s about time to move on)  one of my finger-lickin’ favorites; the ultra gorgeous chocolate tulip, created using the popular balloon dipping technique.

Chocolate Tulip

Chocolate Tulip

This clever balloon dipping technique was invented by the legendary chocolatier Joseph Schmidt (now retired). You can see his beautiful handiwork in the photo below. The skinny stemmed tulips in the middle of the photo are also made with balloons, as well as the “cups” on the top and bottom. They are truly exquisite, I’d say.


Beautiful chocolate tulip centerpiece by Joseph Schmidt Confections

The balloon dipping technique was one of the first chocolate decorating tricks I learned, and it is still one of my favorites. I never get tired of making chocolate tulips, especially marbleizing with two or more colors, when no two tulips are alike. Each one is a delightful surprise waiting to happen. They also make elegant dessert cups.

How to Make an Amazing Tulip Cup:

See what chocolatier Jacques Torres creates with chocolate and a giant balloon!

See my sweet interview with chocolatiers Jacques and Hasty Torres here.

It’s a Chocolate Decorating Mash-up!

I was so tickled pink after learning this technique several years ago, it inspired my first instructional chocolate decorating DVD “The Chocolate Garden”, which I have just re released and combined into a “Chocolate Mash-up” with my latest DVD; “Chocolate Decorating with Transfer Sheets”. Available in streaming format. Get the introductory price until April 15th! (price with then go up an additional $10.00) More info here if you want to check it out.




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