On A Chocolate Hiatus

Happy Summer Everyone! Just an update to let you know I’m on a chocolate hiatus until further notice. I’m very busy with my real job, and it has left me with little time to indulge in chocolate doings 🙂 Feel… Continue Reading →

How To Make A Chocolate Ribbon Curl Decoration

  Chocolate ribbon curls make fun dessert garnishes and are super easy to make. Pile them on top of a cake, fancy up a chocolate bow by adding a few extra ribbons, or dress up a cake slice with a… Continue Reading →

The History Of Chocolate, plus FREE infographic

This is a guest post by MyChocolate. The history of chocolate Over the last century chocolate has become one of the most popular foods on the planet. But what do we know about chocolate before this meteoric rise? Let’s take… Continue Reading →

Chocolate Decorating Tutorials with Pastry Chef Robin Robins – Sneak Peek!

New Tricks and New Treats, Just for You. And for me too. I’m so excited to show you the first video preview of the new online chocolate decorating tutorial project I’m working on, with pastry chef and chocolate artist Robin… Continue Reading →

Make A Chocolate Lace Cake Decoration. Fit For A Queen.

Edible embellishing at its finest. Chocolate piping using a pastry bag (or paper cornet), is a quick and easy way to make a chocolate garnish. Making a chocolate lace cake wrap is a grand example of a piped decoration for… Continue Reading →

Chocolate Easter Ideas. Make A Fab Faberge Egg.

Dazzle your honey bunny with a chocolaty chic treat. And fill with a sweet surprise! I have always loved jewelled FabergĂ© eggs. Several years ago, I had the pleasure of viewing some of the exquisite Imperial Easter Eggs at a… Continue Reading →

Tiptoeing Through The Chocolate Tulips

Botanical Beauty, Chocolate Style! March is botanical beauty month on the blog, chocolate style! what can I say, I simply love flowers, especially when they’re chocolate flowers. Don’t you? On my previous posts, I shared some lovely chocolate flowers you… Continue Reading →

Making Flowers with Modeling Chocolate for Cake Decorating

Magnificent Chocolate Flowers: Orchids, Calla Lilies, and Roses. My last few posts have been Spring inspired, and all about making fabulous chocolate flower decorations. I hope you’ve enjoyed them so far! we’ve explored chocolate lotus flowers, sunflowers, carnations and fantasy… Continue Reading →

Chocolate Sunflowers, Carnations, and Fantasy Flowers, oh my!

Botanical Beauty Month Chocolate Style, Continues! More finger lickin’ flowers you will love. This month I thought it would be fun to celebrate flowers, and feature some exquisite ideas for chocolate flowers. Spring is quickly approaching, and chocolate flowers make… Continue Reading →

Magical Chocolate Lotus Flowers – Nirvana Infused

Spring has Sprung in the Chocolate Garden. Chocolate flowers are simply divine as Spring cake decorations, table centerpieces, chocolate box embellishments, for party favors, dessert buffets, and gifts. Who wouldn’t enjoy a chocolate flower to nibble on?  Botanical Beauty Month,… Continue Reading →

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