Chocolate Chia Seed Strawberry Smoothie

A protein packed chocolate elixir on steroids Smoothie recipes are popping up everywhere. This concoction is inspired by Thug Kitchen, one of my favorite blogs. Recipe is adapted from the delicious Strawberry Oat Smoothie. I love the addition of incorporating… Continue Reading →

Make a Fancy Chocolate Feather Garnish

 Chocolate Plucked. There are so many snazzy ways to decorate with chocolate, embellishing with a chocolate feather is just one of them. Fling some chocolate feathers on a cake to sass it up. Weave them into a chocolate bow, or… Continue Reading →

“Chocolate Decorations” (book review). Read it, don’t eat it.

If I could eat this book, I would. It’s that good. One of the reasons I decided to share my experience with chocolate decorating, is because it’s rather hard to find information specifically on the creative side of working with… Continue Reading →

Chocolate Decoration Demonstration – unbelievably spectacular!

The video you’re about to watch will take your breath away. Don’t die. Marble is the ideal surface to make chocolate decorations because it stays a cool even temperature.  You can find small ready made marble cutting boards at kitchen… Continue Reading →

Cake Decorations. Chocolate Bows? Shut up!

  What you’re about to witness, will knock your chocolate socks off. Making chocolate bows with transfer sheets is top-notch for cake decorating, gift giving, and is so spectacular for just about any occasion. Nothing says festive like a chocolate… Continue Reading →

Chocolate Flower Cake Decoration. Make a flower to devour

Yay, Summer. Time for a romp in the chocolate garden. Chocolate flowers are one of my favorite decorations to create. They are stunning as cake decorations, exquisite as table centerpieces to swank up your dinner party, are lovely boxed and given… Continue Reading →

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