Getting Started Chocolate Decorating

Chocolate Decorating Tutorials with Pastry Chef Robin Robins – Sneak Peek!

New Tricks and New Treats, Just for You. And for me too. I’m so excited to show you the first video preview of the new online chocolate decorating tutorial project I’m working on, with pastry chef and chocolate artist Robin… Continue Reading →

How to Add Color to Chocolate

Make your Chocolate a Sexy Rainbow. There’s no denying the natural color of chocolate is beautiful on its own, but in many cases adding contrasting colors to your pieces will make them even more intriguing.  There are several ways to… Continue Reading →

Intro to Modeling Chocolate – Class Review

  A while back I posted a modeling chocolate rose tutorial, and discussed the many uses of working with modeling chocolate for cake decorating, as a substitute for icky fondant, and how I use it for embellishing my chocolate figures,… Continue Reading →

Emergency Chocolate Decorating – confectionary coating to the rescue!

What is Confectionary Coating? fake chocolate. Whenever you make chocolate decorations you have to perform a series of steps called tempering. This insures your chocolate will harden properly . All kinds of crazy things happen to chocolate if it’s not… Continue Reading →

Making Chocolate Decorations – buying bulk chocolate, for the home chef

How to Prepare a Chocolate Stockpile. Ordering bulk chocolate for decorating When making chocolate decorations for cakes, dessert garnishes and confections, you’ll have the best results when using a high quality gourmet chocolate called couverture. Couverture chocolate has extra cocoa… Continue Reading →

Chocolate Decorating – 9 quick tips to help you get started

Here are just a few things I’ve learned over the years about chocolate decorating. I hope these tips will help you with planning your decorating projects. 1. Getting a chocolate tempering machine is a sweet investment. Look for Chocovision’s “Mini… Continue Reading →

WHY do you Temper Chocolate? to beat it into submission.

  Chocolate freaks out when it’s melted, but this doesn’t mean you have to. On this fascinating post, I’ll explain what it means to temper chocolate, and WHY it’s so important for chocolate decorating. WHY do you temper chocolate?    … Continue Reading →

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