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Chocolate Easter Ideas. Make A Fab Faberge Egg.

Dazzle your honey bunny with a chocolaty chic treat. And fill with a sweet surprise! I have always loved jewelled Fabergé eggs. Several years ago, I had the pleasure of viewing some of the exquisite Imperial Easter Eggs at a… Continue Reading →

Tiptoeing Through The Chocolate Tulips

Botanical Beauty, Chocolate Style! March is botanical beauty month on the blog, chocolate style! what can I say, I simply love flowers, especially when they’re chocolate flowers. Don’t you? On my previous posts, I shared some lovely chocolate flowers you… Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day with Chocolatiers Jacques and Hasty Torres

“Jasmine is the flower that comes to mind when I think of Hasty. Delicate and powerful; exactly her”– Jacques Torres “Jacques is the ultimate romantic charmer, I’m a very lucky girl!” – Hasty Torres What happens when a Mr. Chocolate… Continue Reading →

Tantalizing Valentine’s Day Ideas that Say Chocolate

A kiss on the lips may be quite sentimental… but chocolate is a girl’s best friend. On Valentine’s Day, plain and simple… chocolate reigns supreme.  This makes it the perfect time to make fancy chocolate decorations and confections. For example, … Continue Reading →

How to Make a Classy Sassy Chocolate Dessert Cup

Take your desserts to a new level of posh. Then eat the dishes. No dinner party says swank, quite like a chocolate dessert cup. Fill with mousse, treats, sorbet, or anything else you can find. I love this idea for… Continue Reading →

Chocolate Chinese New Year – Wonton Kisses {Recipe}

Pucker-up, Giddy-up, and Let’s Paint the Town Red. It’s Chinese New Year 2014, the year of the wooden horse, yippee! and the way I feel about horses makes me thinketh, it’s going to be a great year. So get your… Continue Reading →

How to Add Color to Chocolate

Make your Chocolate a Sexy Rainbow. There’s no denying the natural color of chocolate is beautiful on its own, but in many cases adding contrasting colors to your pieces will make them even more intriguing.  There are several ways to… Continue Reading →

Holiday Chocolate Transfer Sheet Favorites

Even chocolate likes to dress up from time to time. Using chocolate transfer sheets makes just about any chocolate decorating project more fun. From dipping cookies, covering cakes, making chocolate bows, making chocolate bark, and embellishing confections.  Adding a chocolate… Continue Reading →

Chocolate Decorating Chocolate Cakes

What’s not to love?. I confess,  I almost always use store bought cakes to decorate. I’m not a baker. One of my favorite cakes to decorate is Trader Joe’s Chocolate Ganache Torte.  This is truly a decadent chocolate cake, sporting… Continue Reading →

Create a Stunning Chocolate Table Centerpiece for Your Next Shindig

The Ultimate Chocolate Decoration. There are so many ways to apply and have fun utilizing chocolate decorating techniques, such as garnishing desserts, decorating cakes, enhancing a dessert buffet table, for gift giving, and the list goes on. Once you’ve practiced… Continue Reading →

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