Exciting new chocolate decorating tutorials
are coming your way!

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Robin Robins with her chocolate showpiece, and Chef Stephane Treand

With Professional Chocolate Artist Robin Robins

I’ve recently partnered with professional pastry chef, and award winning chocolate artist Robin Robins, to bring you a series of fabulous new online chocolate decorating/garnishing tutorials in 2014 that you are going to LOVE.  Robin has over 10 years culinary teaching experience, and specializes in chocolate.

The truth is, Robin knows a heck of a lot more than I do

Robin will be demonstrating her favorite chocolate decorating and confection making techniques .  We’ll also be offering various pastry and dessert making tutorials. We have several fun projects lined up for you. Including making chocolate flowers, boxes, and adding irresistible pizzazz to your confections. Techniques are tailored for the home chef and professional, and anyone in between!


Chocolate Boxes by Robin Robins

Online chocolate learning is about to go top-notch

I’m taking care of all the “behind the scenes” work, such as filming, editing the tutorials, and of course eating all of Robin’s delicious treats along the way. Chocotransfersheets.com is sponsoring the videos. We will also be inviting more sponsors to join in as we start filming our second round of tutorials.

Award Winning Chocolate Artist Robin Robins

In addition, I’m working on a sweet line of chocolate transfer sheet designs, and several downloadable chocolate piping templates!

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You simply won’t find online decorative chocolate learning like this … anywhere!

Chocolate Sculpture by Robin Art Chocolate

Chocolate Sculpture by Robin Robins



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