Adventures in Chocolate Decorating

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Hi, I’m Katreece; artist and chocolate misfit. I scour the web to find and post only THE BEST in chocolate decorating…. just for you.

This is a space for anyone to come and learn about the beauty you can create with chocolate. I think you’ll be amazed!

I’ve been exploring the creative side of working with chocolate for several years now, I have two instructional DVDs featuring some of my favorite techniques, and have taught many classes in the San Francisco area. But I still have so much to learn. When I find something chocolate related I love, I post about it here.

Chocolate bow with ribbon curls

Chocolate bow with ribbon curls

This blog is my chocolate playground, and yours too… if you want to hang out. I call it Chocolate Romp.

What you’ll find here now, and in the future:

Have a suggestion? let me know!

My mission is ONLY to inspire creativity, share awesome techniques, and have fun. You’ll need a sense of humor around here, because I’m a bit cuckoo. Just sayin’.

I really appreciate you stopping by, thank-you so much!

Peace, Love, Chocolate.


Kabuki and Katreece

Kabuki and Katreece

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NOTE: please understand that I am an academically challenged right-brainer, and forgive any typos, grammatical faux pas, and things that don’t make sense.