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Chocolate Instructionals, Tutorials and Online Classes

The Chocolate Addict both produces and recommends online chocolate decorating classes, and sweets tutorial favorites for you to create beautiful and delicious works of chocolate art, and show-stopping treats for parties, gifts, or just for fun.

Learn how to create irresistible nibbles, exquisite chocolate decorations, the perfect chocolate cake, and fancy garnishes for your favorite sweet treats.

Tutorials are in streaming format.


Chocolate Decorating Mash-up
with The Chocolate Addict

A fusion of Katreece Montgomery's two previously released chocolate decorating DVDs, The Chocolate Garden and Chocolate Decorating with Transfer Sheets. Along with updates, templates, and more. Learn a little about a lot of chocolate decorating techniques. Video preview on left. $35. ON SALE $29! More ...

How to Make Chocolate Flowers with Robin Robins

Learn several types of beautiful chocolate flower decorations and leaves for cake decorating and dessert garnishing. Plus how to temper chocolate, with professional chocolate artist Robin Robins of Robin Art Chocolate. Produced with Katreece Montgomery. $29 More ...

Online making chocolate cakes class

Chocolate Cakes with Alice Medrich

Learn to melt and handle chocolate like an expert as Alice teaches you how to marble, glaze and decorate delicious cakes. Impress your family and friends with the sleek Queen of Sheba, the Ultimate Chocolate Birthday Cake and the Chocolate Raspberry Ruffle Cake, plus a bonus chocolate centerpiece. $39.99 More...

Online chocolate baking class

Chocolate Baking Essentials

Create a tempting dark chocolate truffle torte, whip up a milk chocolate bread pudding and make an incredibly luscious white chocolate cheesecake, finish with decorative accents, including curls, shavings and leaves. With three-time James Beard Award winner Rose Levy Beranbaum. $39.99 More...

Modeling chocolate decorations class

Intro to Modeling Chocolate with Lauren Kitchens

Cake artist Lauren Kitchens teaches you to concoct, color, texture and transform modeling chocolate, and shows you how to create textured, colorful cake embellishments from this easy and versatile medium. And $39.99 More...

Online making chocolate candy,truffles,bonbons,and more

Homemade Chocolate Candy:
Truffles, Bonbons & More

Learn accessible techniques for melting, tempering and molding chocolate to create the sweets you crave. Achieve delicious results when you learn how to make chocolate candy with Liddabit Sweets co-owners Jen King and Liz Gutman. $39.99 More...

Making chocolate cakes,fillings and frostings

Exploring Chocolate Cakes, Fillings & Frostings

Make the best chocolate cake you’ll ever taste! Join Executive Pastry Chef Josh Johnson as he shares the secrets to delicious, creative chocolate cakes! Get tips for making cakes that are as gorgeous as they are delectable andcreate professional-looking embellishments that set your cakes apart! $39.99 More...

Online tempering chocolate class

How to Temper Chocolate with Robin Robins

To make beautiful and shiny chocolate decorations, you'll need to learn how to temper your chocolate first. Chocolate artist Robin shows you her favorite way to temper chocolate. Learn tempering, and you'll be on your way to creating exquisite chocolate garnishes in no time! $19 More...

Delicious Decorations Chocolate Flowers
with Erin Gardner

Create nine varieties of scrumptious, striking chocolate flowers with cake artist Erin Gardner. Temper chocolate with ease for smooth, glossy results. Decorate your most impressive, irresistible cakes and treats with these luscious embellishments. $39.99 More...

Homemade Chocolate Candy Fudge, Bars & More
with Elizabeth LaBau

Discover the secrets to whipping up decadent fudge, homemade candy bars and more amazing treats. Join cookbook author and candy making expert Elizabeth LaBau as she shares her tried-and-true techniques for delectable homemade chocolate candy. $39.99 More...

Over-the-Top Modeling Chocolate
with Kate Sullivan

Create three amazing projects perfect for showers, birthdays, groom's cakes and more with renowned cake designer Kate Sullivan. Learn to use dowels, wire and floral tape for simple, reliable and customizable structures. Then, use a variety of methods to create tasty modeling chocolate flowers: dainty daffodils, textured hydrangeas and impressive peonies. $39.99 More..


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