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"Getting Started Chocolate Decorating"
Part 1, Choosing chocolate for decorating. For the home chef.

Preparing a chocolate stash for the zombie apocalypse is a good idea.

When it comes to making chocolate decorations, you'll want to pick the right chocolate. Unfortunately, chocolate chips won't cut it. On this segment, I'll share some of my favorite chocolate to use for decorating, and how and where to purchase chocolate.

I'll also talk about fake chocolate aka confectionary coating, and suggest other helpful tips on choosing what's right for your next chocolate decorating extravaganza.

Ready for a chocolate romp? come on down!

melted chocolate




Choosing the BEST
chocolate for decorating

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video is 15 minutes long
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  • WHAT are the best types of chocolate to use for chocolate decorating?
  • HOW do you purchase chocolate?
  • WHERE do you purchase chocolate?
  • WHAT is confectionary coating?
  • WHY use confectionary coating?
  • and more! video is 15 minutes long

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2. Tempering Chocolate
available now!

Segments 3-5 Coming Soon!

3. Modeling Chocolate
info here

4. Gadgets you will Love
Tempering Machines for the home chef,
Basic Tools/supplies, Tricks of the Trade,

and more!

5. Project Chocolate
Getting organized, making templates, specialty projects,
weather and other considerations, transporting. Money making ideas, and more!



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