Botanical Beauty Month Chocolate Style, Continues!chocolate-flowers

More finger lickin’ flowers you will love.

This month I thought it would be fun to celebrate flowers, and feature some exquisite ideas for chocolate flowers. Spring is quickly approaching, and chocolate flowers make perfect decorations. On my last post, I showed some stunning examples of chocolate lotus flowers. If you thought those were out of this world, just wait until you see this next delightful roundup;  sunflowers, carnations, and fantasy flowers, oh my!

Chocolate Sunflowers


Chocolate sunflowers by Robin Robins

 It just so happens that my wonderful friend and chocolate artist Robin Robins,  just finished yet another chocolate course with pastry chef extraordinaire, and famous chocolate monger Stephane Treand, at The Pastry School in San Clemente, CA.  Robin made a chocolate sunflower centerpiece that is nothing short of spectacular. I love sunflowers! Look for my tutorial video collaboration with Robin coming this Summer. 


Chocolate Sunflower by Robin Robins

Chocolate Carnations

Chocolate ruffle by Alice Medrich, so pretty!

Chocolate ruffle by Alice Medrich, so pretty!

Although this is really considered a chocolate “ruffle”, making several of these with some green leaves would make the perfect carnation bouquet. By pastry chef and chocolate wizard Alice Medrich.  She shows how to make chocolate ruffles and more in her Decadent Chocolate Cakes class, on


Chocolate Fantasy Flowers


I love fantasy flowers because they’re created in your imagination, they can be as outlandish as you desire, and look however you fancy. Here are two created by chocolate artist Robin Robins. She used chocolate transfer sheets to embellish. Above photo is from our flower making tutorial coming this Summer to


Chocolate fantasy flower by Robin Robins

 More chocolate flower ideas coming up on my next post!

Until next time…
Peace, Love, Chocolate,

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