What the heck is a chablon?

chocolate decorations made using a chablon.

Chocolate decorations made using a chablon and a custom chocolate transfer sheet.
Photo: chocotransfersheets.com

A chablon is a food grade silicone stencil mat used to make several simple chocolate decorations for dessert garnishing, with effortless ease … in a snap. This comes in handy if you have many items such as cupcakes, cake slices, or desserts that cry out for a little sprucing up. Chablons are usually used with chocolate transfer sheets.

Chablon, for making chocolate decorations

Chablon. Photo chocotransfersheets.com

Chablons can be used to create uniform wafer-thin decorations, quickly and easily. We recommend using a chablon with chocolate and a transfer sheet of course, but they have a wide range of uses including templates for chocolate, baked goods, isomalt, hard candy, royal icing, gumpaste, fondant, marzipan and more. chocotransfersheets.com

Chocolate wafers using a chablon with custom logo on a chocolate transfer sheet

Chocolate wafers made using a chablon with custom logo on a chocolate transfer sheet

Chablons are useful accessories to have in your kitchen if you have a bakery, cupcakery, or restaurant. You can use a premade chocolate transfer sheet, or have a custom designed chocolate transfer sheet made to use with your chablon, featuring your own art or business logo.  For example, have your logo or monogram designed on a transfer sheet, and make chocolate wafers with a chablon to garnish single serving desserts.

Watch Kurt from chocotransfersheets.com, elegantly demonstrate how to use a chablon, on video below.

You can purchase both chablons and chocolate transfer sheets at chocotransfersheets.com

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