Spring has Sprung in the Chocolate Garden.

Chocolate flowers are simply divine as Spring cake decorations, table centerpieces, chocolate box embellishments, for party favors, dessert buffets, and gifts. Who wouldn’t enjoy a chocolate flower to nibble on?

 Botanical Beauty Month, Chocolate Style!


Left- Tulip: Katreece Montgomery.   Center-Daisies: Cakework/Cecile Gady.   Right- Lotus flower: Robin Robins

I absolutely love making chocolate flowers. So I’ve decided to devote my next several posts to botanical beauty, chocolate style!  That means; lotus flowers, sunflowers, tulips, gardenias, roses, cherry blossoms, fantasy flowers, and whatever else I can “dig up”.

Because what could be more satisfying, than a flower … to devour.

First up:

Chocolate Lotus Flowers


My attempt at making a chocolate lotus flower, what do you think?

Higher Self Approved

Lotus flowers are considered sacred in many cultures, representing a spiritual awakening. And did you know chocolate is known as the food of the Gods ?. This suggests that if you’re a hippy-dippy Nirvana seeker like me, you might want to consider eating hearty amounts of chocolate lotus flowers for good measure (helps keep the ego in check). Trust me, your Higher Self will thank-you.

There is something truly magical about this flower, if I had to pick a favorite, this would certainly be it. Higher Self agrees.

Eat a Chocolate Lotus Flower. Get Enlightened.

Here are several examples of chocolate lotus flowers. In the first photo (above), is one I made several years ago. I think it’s one of the prettiest flowers I have ever made. I wasn’t sure what to do with the center, so I just drizzled some chocolate, and gave it a heavy dose of luster dust. I love the mystical effect.

Below is a lovely chocolate lotus flower with petals slightly more curved, from Robin Robins


Lotus flower with curved petals by Robin Robins

Two more lotus flowers below, both painted with colored cocoa butter and accented with luster dust.
Notice by curving the petals you get different results
. By chocolate artist Robin Robins.

Chocolate lotus flowers painted with colored cocoa butter


Flat petal lotus flower embellished with colored cocoa butter

Chocolate flower and leaves embellished with colored cocoa butter

Chocolate lotus flower and leaves with colored cocoa butter

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On my next post, more lip smacking chocolate flowers you will love!

What are your favorite flowers? leave a comment below 🙂

Until next time…
Peace, Love, Chocolate,

The Chocolate


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