Rockin’ Le Chocolat.  En Français!


Bravo! the Albarock youtube gang of sweet peeps,  how can you not love ’em!

Je t’aime Albarock!

Athough I’m not as active on youtube as I once was (could change at any moment), there are a few channels I enjoy catching up on, and one such channel is the dessert tutorial channel; Albarock, starring the charming French ensemble; sexy pastry chef and dessert guru Alain, with sidekick Sabrina, and friends.


Chocolate piping, Il est magnifique!

With over 300 top notch dessert tutorials, this professional dessert team is quite unstoppable when it comes to having fun in the kitchen and whipping up the latest confectionary delights. These folks are the pros, the real deal, not like me, who just flings chocolate around and hopes for the best!

Plate Garnishing at its Best!

I don’t bake, but I love watching pastry chefs at work, even when I don’t understand a word they’re saying (and especially if I don’t know what they’re saying… in French). I just have an uncontrollable sweet tooth, and love learning about fancy desserts. To top it off, yes… I confess, I occasionally fantasize about being French.

If you understand French, you’ll learn many techniques from these tutorials, they also do their best to translate into English on some of the newer videos. But they are all entertaining and fun to watch even if you don’t understand, and in many cases you can learn just by watching.

How to Make Chocolate Truffles

Merci Albarock for dedicating this one to me 🙂

Piping with Chocolate

I love watching these guys pipe beautiful plate garnishes with chocolate, they do it with ease and perfection!

Rock on Albarock

What does Albarock mean? I wanted to know too, just in case it was some fancy dessert or technique I should know about. So I asked the sexy French chef, and he said : It’s part my name “Alain”,  something about a Japanese space hero, and the Rock and Roll lifestyle. All rolled into one. Makes sense to me!

Alain & Sabrina, merci beaucoup de me faire sourire!


Albarock on Youtube

(Wow, you would almost think I could speak French, thank-you Google translate!)

Until next time,

Peace, Love, Chocolate,

The Chocolate