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Piping chocolate lace

Julia Usher piping chocolate lace.  Photo credit: Susan Jackson Photography

Chocolate piping using a pastry bag (or paper cornet), is a quick and easy way to make a chocolate garnish. Making a chocolate lace cake wrap is a grand example of a piped decoration for a cake. Pastry chef and cookie book author Julia Usher, demonstrates this chocolate decorating technique with impeccable style, in this featured tutorial I’m delighted to share.

Add this touch of chocolate razzmatazz to your arsenal of
decorating tricks, and just watch what happens.

I love this idea for an Easter, Mother’s Day, or any special occasion cake. I would top with a heaping pile of chocolate tulips, or an extravagant chocolate bow for the ultimate jaw-dropping presentation. But that’s just me… fling whatever you want on top and call it a special day.


Cake by Julia Usher. Photography Kat Touschner.

Although I’m not a big lace fan, so to speak. I do have a fondness for the look of crocheted lace worn in the Elizabethan Era. Especially the extravagant collars and neck ruffs of the time. This wonderful chocolate decorating tutorial is reminiscent of the popular lace style during this period. Symbolized by a highly intricate and ornamental style.


Queen Elizabeth the first, sporting the latest lace fashion. Photo: creative commons

I discovered this lovely tutorial when I was looking for inspiration for a collection of chocolate piping templates I’m working on. Julia’s lace cake wrap is so pretty, I just had to share! 

How to make a chocolate lace cake wrap tutorial

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Julia has loads of goodie tutorials on her Youtube channel, if you enjoy making and decorating sweets, you’re in for a real treat.  Most impressive is her cookie Utopia, you simply won’t believe how a little cookie could be so stylish and pretty. 

See another example of a beautiful chocolate piped decoration wrapped around a cake on my previous post: Pipe a Sassy Chocolate Garnish.

Please let me know if you try this technique, or maybe you already have… I would love to hear about it!

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